Our charity work


Farang and World Vision have together organized a Farang for Sri Lanka benefit dinner for the past several years now. The proceeds from the event go towards combating childhood malnutrition in Sri Lanka. With the money raised malnourished children will be provided with health care services and their families will be educated about healthy nutrition.

The dinner guests get to enjoy a unique menu inspired by Southeast Asia as well as live entertainment. Performers that have entertained our guests on the night include Uniikki, Jontte Valosaari, Timo Pieni Huijaus, Elastinen, Saara Aalto, Teemu Roivainen, Sami Hedberg, SÄX and Mia Hafrén.



Red Nose Day

The annual Red Nose Day campaign organized by the Nose Day Foundation raises funds to support children in developing countries. The campaign’s vision is for everyone in Finland to take some sort of action to help children in developing countries achieve a life of dignity. People across the country come together to move towards this goal by having fun and raising funds.

BW-Restaurants supports the campaign by selling a special cocktail at its restaurants on Red Nose Day. The cocktail is, of course, decorated with a bright red nose!

Good Holiday Spirit

The Good Holiday Spirit campaign supports low-income families in Finland. The donations are used to give €70 gift vouchers to families living on a low income or otherwise facing difficult situations in life. With the vouchers they can buy food around Christmas time. The campaign begins at the end of November and continues until Christmas Eve.

At 2015 BW-Restaurants donated one euro to the campaign for each cookbook sold between the 1st and 22nd of December.



The Movember Foundation’s aim is to raise awareness of men’s health globally. Every November men all over the world grow a moustache to support the campaign. Our BW-Restaurants bartenders also grow a moustache in November and create amazing Movember drinks with part of the proceeds going to the Movember Foundation.